Your contribution has the power to give life

Every country in the world is affected by one or more forms of malnutrition. Combating malnutrition in all its forms is one of the highest global health challenges we have to defend on priority.


One among the three people is affected by malnutrition. According to the 2019 UNICEF report, 69% of the deaths among children under five years are malnutrition-related. The report mentions that every second child up to five years of age is affected by malnutrition. It is a wake-up call for the level of risk the children are facing. Malnutrition is not just all about hunger, it’s about the nutritional quality of the food they consume to ensure their physical and mental development takes place. During the early years of childhood, there is rapid physical growth and development. The short-term implications of malnutrition eventually gifts away to long-term complications, such as growth and cognitive delays.

Children deserve a better healthy life and childhood, but most do not get adequate nutrition. Due to improper immunizations and healthcare, they suffer from recurring diseases, stunted growth, and in extreme cases, even face death. 


Three meals a day can make a big difference to India’s most vulnerable sections of impoverished children. We are undertaking the responsibility in our orphanage bringing a vast revolutionary change in the lives of our children. During the COVID-19 crisis KVS Trust, in close coordination with DS-MAX Properties stepped in to provide the relief measures by providing food to thousands of migrant laborers, construction workers, and needy people across the city.


Food relief, grocery kits were distributed to the marginalized and lower-income groups by adhering to safety norms, which included the daily wage workers. If you are passionate about helping those in need, join us in our mission to end hunger. Take Action now by Donating or Volunteering. DONATE generously, for Every Child – Food, Healthcare, Education, and a safe place to grow up. We care about Poverty.

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