We cannot stop disasters but we can learn from Experience

When nature unleashes its wrath, one can’t deny that this situation is purely the creation of man’s deed. Indeed not so long ago, scientists had predicted that climate change would make the monsoons unpredictable.

Natural Disasters are becoming more common in the last few decades. The situation around the globe is becoming so bad that there is only one thought that comes to mind – Is there anything we can do against nature’s fury?

Unfortunately, the prediction is turning true today as most parts of India are battling severe drought while others are fighting a rain fury.

The numbers will soon rise of the affected people, and would remain until the time they were displaced. And, if we are to go by the analysis, then the worst is yet to come. India is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Over 40 million hectares of land in India has been Identified as flood-prone, while 57% of the land is vulnerable to earthquakes. The trail of destruction caused by calamities reveals that in the struggle between survival, women and children suffer the most.

Besides the United States and China, India is hit hardest from natural disasters due to the population density. As per the United Nations Office for Disaster risk reduction, 79732 people lost their lives, and 108 crore people were affected by 321 incidences of natural disasters in India between 2000 to 2019.

Reaching out to the people in the disaster-affected areas takes time, effort, and money. While we are ready to put in the time and effort, money matters because of the transportation, logistics, and materials required for relief measures.

Your contributions will ensure that the required material reaches the people who need necessities and drinking water. Our team is well-equipped to rush in quickly the essential items like dry ration, toiletries, Tarpaulins, sanitary napkins, utensils, umbrellas, etc.

KVS Charitable Trust coordinates and supports disaster management teams like NDRF and other state agencies. With a vision for a safer and disaster-resilient India, we are committed to helping the victims rebuild their lives by providing Primary Health, and livelihood for the displaced until their lives turn normal.

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