How to be more charitable without spending Money

“You have not lived until you have done a bit for someone who can never pay back you.” The idea of doing impressive for someone who cannot repay you goes by a variety of different names. Some call it kindness, others say it a concern and some might call it as humanity. But one of the most popular names for giving without money is simply the charity.

Charity plays a valuable role in our daily lives. It encourages us to give to others who are less privileged than ourselves, without any expectation to receive something back. Yet, several people live under the impression that the charity means donating money. We wish to inform you there’s much more to it than money! In fact, if you attempt to live an selfless lifestyle, there are a range of different ways to be more charitable without spending money. Here are some ideas you can try out.

Yes, it’s simple, all you need to do is to find a reason that motivates you, or kindles the fire in you to make this society a better place to live.

1. Make use of your Social network to speak

Share your charity story or experience posts on your social channels is a great way to increase the  message about the causes you like. This is a sure turn of a way to get the people to act together. You never know what started off as just a social post, could turn you into the neighborhood hero.

2. Contribute on your birthday

Ask your friends and family to make birthday donations on your behalf, instead of having them to purchase the gifts for you is a simple and easiest way to give back.

3. Donate your things

We often think, we barely have anything to give; but when was the last time you checked your cabinet. Go by your gut feeling and intuition, donating your belongings, clothes, used gadgets, stationeries, sports kits, shoes and any other used belongings could be often used by those needy people. Ask your family and friends and donate it to an NGO.

4. Volunteer your time

Volunteering is a great way to support your favorite charity. Volunteering opportunities can range anywhere from teaching the students, spending the time with kids, helping them to learn new  etc. KVS Trust offers volunteer opportunities, join us to learn more about volunteering!

5. Leave a donation in your Will

Remember that the Will comes into force only after one’s death. This could be the best option considering most of those who truly care, and want to donate are not able to donate during their lifetime. A charity contribution in your ‘WILL’ will be the best option to give back to the society. At KVS Trust, we have necessary resources to help you leave a lasting legacy.

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