Ways of giving back this Christmas

As the saying goes by: “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” There’s no better time to gift a child during the Christmas season and spreading joy. You will not find a better time to gift the presents than Christmas and New year to spread joy and love which are just round the corner.

Christmas is a time for giving. This often extends beyond the friends and family to charity donations. Many charities run specific Christmas appeals, messages and there is enough evidence more people give at Christmas, compared to during the rest of the year. The passion of Christmas inspires people to donate as they feel that they can bring a difference in others lives. Reasons might be aplenty but no matter how big or small, your donation can make a real difference. Here are few different ways you can give back this Christmas:

Make an committed effort to visit and NGO, meet the people, gift presents, spend valuable time by enjoying games. Make this holiday season colorful with your helping hands which can bring a difference. Volunteer yourself at KVS Trust to spend time at our childrens home, your helping hands can bring all smiles. 

Have fun while helping others

Who says charity is all about the serious stuff. Most festive days may be just another day in the orphanages and shelter homes. So the next time you celebrate, get some special meals or you can be a Santa Claus for the kids. That’s all it takes to bring cheer and happiness to their lives.

Wish them is all it takes

This one is a sure shot to cheer up anyone. All it takes is share a few good thoughts and a greeting card. It’s time to rekindle those old habits, visit a store near you or order some greeting cards online, pick up those colorful designer cards and let your emotions flow free. Alternatively, you can also purchase an e-card directly from an charity organization where 100% of your donation will go towards charity.

Raise the game

There is nothing that stops you from raising funds for charity, though you don’t hold any position. You could take part in the fundraising activities, or you could contribute with your skills to generate money online or help them expand their donor base through your references.

Occasionally all it requires is a bit of time and some consideration, and you never know you could have impacted many lives during that period. This Christmas, be the Santa Claus at our KVS Trust and bring a difference within you.

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