The Joy of Giving: The More you give, the More you Receive

We make a living by what we Get. We make a life by what we Give – Winston S. Churchill

People are waiting for someone to hold them and be there if they require help. The more we can hold them and give our little time & compassion we can create huge differences in their lives.

Millions of children in India do not have access to basic primary education. The introduction of the RTE Act 2009 makes education compulsory for children aged between 6-14 years under Article 21 (A) of the constitution of India. With additional benefits like State Scholarship Portal (SSP) & National Scholarship Portal (NSP), mid-day meals, we still see a high drop-out rate from the schools. Schools across India were shut in March 2020 to curb the spread of Coronavirus, and the situation thereafter has turned worse.

So what can you do?

Your donation to educate a child need not necessarily be limited to money, but can also be other forms of contribution or even gifts. Become an individual sponsorer or even gift the essentials like school uniforms, books, stationery, etc. Furthermore, your donation need not be limited to just essentials, it can as well be health and wellbeing that can impact their education. Walk that extra mile to sponsor their healthcare, daily meals, clothing, shoes, and much more. You can change an underprivileged life and will help in shaping their future. 

Why should you sponsor a child?

Compared to all other forms of donation or charity, while you sponsor a child you are helping them to transform their early life and mid-careers. You are not only adopting the child, but you are also ensuring that their Right to Education (RTE) is made available to them. Donate generously to a child, and the child would be thankful for your contribution – right from their education that includes admission, books, uniform, food, clothing, and other essentials to higher education. In return, this simple act of yours will go a long way in helping the child become a worthy citizen of Society and make them live a quality life in the future.

Join hands with us to spread ‘The Joy of Giving’

What has kept our endeavor going forward are the beautiful smiles on those innocent faces of a child. What started as an orphanage now takes care of more than 10 kids, and the number is growing in strength. Yes, right from their food, shelter, clothing, and education everything is taken care of just like in home. All these kids hail from challenging socio-economic backgrounds and are taken care-off with utmost love, care, and affection.

The joy of giving makes a person expand their life to a great extent. The best part is it gives them immense satisfaction after doing your bit for people in your environment.

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