Sponsor a Child – Create a Star of the Future

Not every child is lucky to have a happy home, but every child can surely create a name in the household. As of now, India alone has 20 million homeless children without parental care. If there is one donation that will help a person overcome any shortcoming in life, then it has to be none other than education. The reason is that with the education being taken care of by us, one day the kid will be able to make a living for himself. Your donation to sponsor a kid’s education is giving him a second shot at life.

We all know the importance of education and how it helps a person stand on his own feet, make a living, go to a job or start his entrepreneurship.

The best part being unlike other donations, sponsoring a kid’s education means you are giving them valuable takeaway that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Remember a literate person with the right mindset and hard work has no barriers and can achieve things on a global level.

No matter how talented a person may be or however well the kid is supported in life, only with education can the kid truly fulfill his potential dream! Sponsor a kid’s education and you never know, you could be championing your way to create the next future star.

As a sponsor you will be entitled to:

  • Progress report of your sponsored child twice a year
  • All the updates about any news happening at our end
  • A detailed report on the developments taking place where your sponsored child lives
  • You can be an active partner in his/her progress and development
  • You can even raise queries if any, and we will attend to them promptly

KVS Charitable trust ensures that only a small percentage of money donated goes towards the administrative costs. A significant percentage of funds donated is directly spent on teaching the kids skills, educating them, and helping them fulfill their ambitions in life. All the funds raised are dedicated to the welfare of the child.

All the children come from the poorest families with very little or no support, although they have the potential to excel more in life. We have a team of people that believe in a cause to the extent that they make it their own life’s mission. Please support us to help these homeless children and ensure they touch the stars with your help as the guiding force behind them.

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