Help find a home for the homeless

India has the highest number of street children in the world, but there is no official data on their numbers or adequate schemes to respond to their needs and concerns. As per an estimate, 18 million children work, live, and roam on the streets of India. With no official and government records available to prove their identity, residence, they are the easy victims of illegal human trafficking, child labor, and drug abuse. The problem of homelessness is acute and seems to be getting worse. Homelessness constitutes the worst violation of the human right to adequate housing, and homeless people, especially women, are among the most marginalized, ignored, and discriminated.

A country with 1.3 billion people, India is also one of the countries having the large adolescent and young population in the world and will continue to be so till 2030, according to the UNFP. Human rights have a special significance concerning social housing. The quality of housing can have an impact on well-being. Inadequate housing increases the risk of severe ill-health and disability; leading to poor mental health, lower educational attainment, unemployment, and poverty.

Yet, every day millions of people continue to live without a home, and being homeless is a major issue in our country. In India, the right to shelter is still a distant dream due to soaring rents, discrimination, and the threat of eviction. The right to respect family life includes the right for a family to live together.

A recent survey conducted by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) in November 2019 showed 4246 homeless people are living in the city. Of them, 3380 are males, 857 are females, and nine are sexual minorities. With no proper living infrastructure, they are forced to make a living around the railway stations, bus stations, footpaths, and empty plots. In the wake of this situation, many civic welfare groups had proposed the BBMP to set up 77 shelters for the homeless, including separate ones for the women.

While some are privileged to have a shelter to protect themselves from the harsh conditions. The reality is that more than hundreds of people continue to make their living on the streets. They neither have homes nor enough clothes to keep them warm. It becomes a matter of life and death in some parts of our country where the temperatures drop to sub-zero degrees centigrade, especially during nights.

If you are humble, to help the poor and homeless, you can contribute by donating to a safe living.

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