Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right

The NEW YEAR has ushered in the warm wishes that come with it as well. However, the freshness of the cold winter is still smelt in the air. All we need is to share the same warmth with which we received and share it with those who need it.

We are excited about these holidays and want to share the excitement about GIVING. The Joy is elated and the celebrations are no less compared to the ones we have with our family and friends. The best part is if you are one of the party stoppers all you need is to take time, peek into your wardrobe, look around your home for all those things which you hardly use, and drive it to the nearest NGO.

This New Year we wish to share with you to take the path less travelled, least talked about what most of us desire to do. A pleasant life for themselves and the same for everyone around them. In this sense, we all want happiness from each other.

Why do we go to work? How do you fulfill the needs of your loved ones? When do you help someone? Or why do we run behind success, fame, money, or anything else for that matter? The very reason behind it is a greater sense of satisfaction and happiness that we get from these.

So, we state that these things are required, never compromising on the needs. There is still a way we can feel the same happiness without much fuss? Indeed we can, and what is that simpler way to do it. When do most of us feel overjoyed? 

As we told you, all you need is to take some old clothes from your wardrobe you will hardly ever use, drive and drop it to the nearest NGO.

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